Kshatriya Raju Varma Community Matrimony Matrimonial Brides and Grooms

Posted on Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Raju is a Telugu deviation of the Sanskrit word Raja and Raj meaning Prince, King, or Lord. They claim Kshatriya status and found in Andhra Pradesh.  Raju or Varma is a surname mainly found in the south Indian states of India. They claim descent from the ancient royal dynasties of India such as Chalukya-Cholas, the Eastern Chalukyas, Vishnukundina, Chagi, Gajapati, Paricheda and Kota Vamsa.

The wedding is an auspicious occasion of blissful union of two people and it is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The Kshatriya Raju Varma wedding is vibrant and continues for several days where various customs are performed following the traditions.

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