Brahmbatt Community Matrimony Services to Find Brides and Grooms

Posted on Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Brahmbatts are a Brahmin community that are at the apex of the Panch Gaud (Northern Brahmins) division of the Hindu Brahmin community. They are the original residents of the Kashmir Valley and are popularly known as the Kashmiri Pandits. They claim their ancestry to the yajna (sacrifice) performed by lord Brahma to produce 10 Manasputras worthy enough to populate the earth. Their common surnames are Bhatt,Brahmbhatt,Barot,Rao(Roy),Sharma,Maharaj and Dasondhi. In the ancient ages, they were the advisors of the kings and were the only class of nobles who were allowed to interfere with the King’s commands. 

The match is arranged by the elders of both families and cemented by the Nischaithambul ceremony which is the roka or the exchange of rings. The date of the wedding is fixed according to the Maithil panchang following the Siddhant traditions by the panjikar. Ten days prior to the wedding, the Nandi puja is commenced separately at the houses of both, the Brahmbatt bride and the Brahmbatt groom. After the haldi ceremony, where turmeric is applied to both, the vidkari (bride’s friend) escorts the Brahmbatt groom to the bride’s house by applying sandal paste on his forehead. The women of the bride's family perform Gauri puja on the day before the wedding. The bride’s father places his daughter's hand on the hand of the groom in the kanyadan ceremony. The Brahmbatt bride and the groom perform the saptapadi vowing eternal togetherness and follow it with the sindur daan or the application of sindur on the bride's maang. The following day, during the vidaai ceremony, the bride tosses coins and rice behind her to signal to her parents that she has paid all their debts and is leaving for her husband's home. 
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