Boya Community Matrimony Services to Find Brides and Grooms

Posted on Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Boyas are an Dravidian Andhraite community that are found in large numbers in the districts of Anantapur, Kurnool and Guntur. Their chief spoken language is telugu but they also speak the local dialects of the places they reside in. According to their historians, the Boyas (also known as Boyar in Tamil Nadu) emigrated from the Iranian Peninsula to the Indian subcontinent in the 5th century BC. The aryan invasions led them further south where they finally settled. They served as soldiers and Nayakas of the southern dynasties of cholas, chalukyas and pandyas.

The Boya matrimony is strictly endogamous and the practice of marrying one's cousin is a common practice. It is practiced to prevent the dilution of their racial purity. The marriage ceremony is fixed by the elders of both families and announced in the presence of their deity Chettu devara. The day before the wedding is reserved for a song and dance session where both men and women perform the kilata/killona ( a local folk dance) and sing praises of their lords Chettu devara and Mabbu devara. The actual day of the wedding is marked by early morning prayers and the erection of a huge mandap in the middle of the pavilion for the Boya bride and the Boya groom to perform the saptapadi and bounds themselves in holy matrimony for the next seven generations. 

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