Billava Community Matrimony Services to Find Brides and Grooms

Posted on Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Billava community (also known as Billoru and Biruveru) are a community of toddy tappers from southern karnataka and North Tamil Nadu. They are also engaged in cultivation of rice in the villages of Dakshin Kannada. The literal translation of their name points to bowmen or archers which is a reminder of their past as soldiers of southern kings. Their spoken language of the masses is Tulu but formal communications are carried out in Kannada. 

After the Billava won't had been fixed, the mama (maternal uncle) of the Billava bride ties a jewel around her neck to indicate her betrothed status. A day before the wedding (called dhara), the Billava bride undergoes a purification ceremony where her female family members take her to the pond and bathe her using earthenware pots. On the day of the wedding, both the Billava groom and the bride are seated on elevated planks of wood and their hands are joined in the kai dhare ceremony. The village headman places a nose ring on their joined hands and blesses their union by pouring dhare water on their hands. The marriage ceremony is culminated by the Billava bride and the Billava groom taking the saptapadi steps and the vows. 

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