Bhovi Community Matrimony Services to Find Brides and Grooms

Posted on Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Bhovi community has a history as old as 3000 years old and hail from the erstwhile Indian state of Mysore (currently the state of Karnataka) and Odisha. They have been the traditional carriers of the palanquins of the old kings and queens. With the extinction of the culture of kingship, the Bhovi community started farming as their chief profession. They bear the surnames Waddar, Wadda, Bhovi and Bhoyi. Their spoken language is Kannada. Currently, they are distributed all over Karnataka with large concentrations around Gulbarga district. The community has divided itself on the basis of bedagu which is the gotra. 

Bhovi shaadi is an event for the complete community and is fixed between people who belong to different bedagu. The Bhovi bride’s family visits the family of the groom with the offer of marriage. The groom's family accepts it by announcing it publicly. The groom's family gives Vadhu dakshina to the Bhovi bride before the marriage which is a plate filled with mango leaves, areca nuts and sandalwood paste. In the day of the wedding, the mother of the Bhovi bride takes aarti of the groom and welcomes him to the marriage ceremony. The groom asks for the permission of his elders before tying the mangalsutra in a mark of respect. The phrase takes place on a mandap lined with four earthen pots. In the bride’s arrival at her new home, her mother sends her a new saari which must not be shown any sunlight before being worn by the bride. It is the duty of the bride’s brother to carry the saari to his sister according to Bhovi customs.

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