Bhausar Community Matrimony Services to Find Brides and Grooms

Posted on Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Bhausar community (also pronounced as Bhausar) are a Kshatriya community that hails from the Saurashtra Peninsula region of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Their mother tongue is Bari but they also speak the local dialects of the places they settle in. Their primary occupation in current times is washing, weaving and dyeing of clothes but they descend from a long line of Saurashtra royalty. According to their legend, when the Saurashtra region became too prosperous under their patronage, they gave up their warrior ways and joined normal civilian life as weavers and dyers of cloth. Today, they are renowned all over India for their expertise in weaving and dyeing of cloth. 

A Bhausar shaadi is a wonderful mixture of the North Indian and Konkani marriage customs. Their Saurashtra origin is heavily on display and shaadi ceremonies are incomplete without the entire guest list performing garba together. The most auspicious date for the marriage is fixed according to religious texts but the pandit after the match has been finalized by the elders of the families of the Bhausar bride and the Bhausar groom. The sangeet ceremony is the stand out feature at a Bhausar wedding and must not be missed. The entire family of both sides participate in singing and dancing competitions which cement the relationship not just between the two individuals but also their families. The Jaimala ceremony is conducted on a raised platform for all to see and bless. 

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